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  • Steady Yoga Flow (Intermediate)

    Levels: Intermediate+
    Equipment Needed: None
    A full body class that incorporates pranayama (breathwork), standing postures, balancing practice, back-bending, hip-opening, and forward bending, sealing class with cooling postures to calm the system. This can be your go-to practice covering all of y...

  • Stretch it Out! ("Finest Hour" by Abir)

    Level: All Levels
    Equipment: None

    Clothing: Koral
    Song: "Finest Hour" by Abir

    Disclaimer: kuudose does not own the right to this music

  • 5 Minute HIIT (Full Body)

    Level: All Levels
    Equipment: None

  • 35 Minute Legs + Glutes Cross Fit Workout (All Levels)

    Level: All Levels
    Equipment: Exercise Bench (or couch) + 1 Kettlebell (or sandbag, water jug, or anything you have around the house)